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Bridging Heaven On Earth Music #1


Heaven is not about a place
Out there somewhere to go
Nor is it about getting information
That will give me the access
to the unknown

For in life it is not about belief, ideas 
Information or magic given by another 
That matter

It is me here as the substance of matter
Birthing what is best for all

The answer is not going to heaven
For we will all dream about the future
Forgetting the moment that is here

Let it be  here on earth
Enjoyed by many
Build with our hands
And sweat as we go

There are a lot of things to do
Stand up and move
Let's make it happen
So that we will know

It is not something we dream
It is something we birth
In the physical that is best for all

Let us use commonsense
And build this place
Ready for the best life possible

Let us not diminish
Our ability to perform
The task that is best for all

Commonsense dictates
Food is needed by all
So give everyone the money
To get the food the body needs

A home where we can sleep
And a warm blanket on our bed
Let us gift ourselves the gift of Life

Let's add to that
Clean water to bath and cook
Electricity to see clearly when at night
We need to fix some food

Clothes to keep our body warm when its cold
And sleeveless clothes for summer too

We need money
Notes or digital currency will do

The most important thing 
Is we are all able to
Get the basic necessities

That ensures a dignified life 
For all in this world

For at the end of the day
We know that
We can birth life on earth

Stand up and say,  'BHOE!'
Let's  bridge heaven on earth
And sing the song
For we are here

As life is here

We all need 
To create and express
Who we really are
and embrace life
one and equal as all
Bridging A Healthy Haven On Earth

Where "Me" Becomes "We" 

Where We Bridge A Healthy Haven For All On Earth One Word At A Time

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