Fashion is in our mind
taken by the lens of the eye
when we watch tv
or a hollywood movie

whatever we see
becomes a memory

we copy others
we forget we can create
fashion that speaks
of who we are
as life

a physical being,
body, and mind trinity
that is here to birth
life on earth

we can create
the best fashion
for we all are creators

be grateful to the plants
and animals too
for they are assisting us here
for what is best for all

fabric from where we make clothes 
that keep us warm
when there's snow

wearing clothes
to expose the body
when there's heat

choose the clothes
for practical reasons
that is real fashion

wanting to look good
getting the money
and then buying
signature items for show

we impose on the body
as the mind we
choose clothes

to look good and dandy
as the ego
we strut with high heels
even if our ankles say no

we put on body paints
for money
in events
even if the skin can't breathe

we can't go out without make-up
covering the face
that we judged not so perfect

for beauty
we sacrifice
the natural expression of the body

Bridging heaven on earth
we can design a pajama
or a slack that has a lot of room
that we can wear to work

and shoes 
where the feet is comfortable

let's work with our body
and call it real fashion
after all we use it
as the breath
we express
ourselves in this world

we move our hands
we move our feet
the body expresses itself

let us give all money
or digital currency
to buy clothes
that keep us warm
when the weather is cold

let us not use it
to mask our displeasure
of who we have become

that is coping in a world
of survival mode

let us birth real fashion
let us create new styles
that benefit the body

dress to make a statement
let the fabric 
be acknowledged for its expression

we had been abusing the body
so let us give back
and give it freedom of expression

The fabric comes from the earth
let us not forget
to be grateful for that

for we are birthing heaven on earth
I greet you BHOE!
I am Bridging Heaven on Earth,

Are you BHOE?
Bridging A Healthy Haven On Earth

Where "Me" Becomes "We" 

Where We Bridge A Healthy Haven For All On Earth One Word At A Time

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