The Earth Is Our Home.
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General Information

  • What Is This Program Called?                     Bridging Heaven On Earth Program 
  • How will It Raise funds?                    Fundraising Is Going On At GoFundMe
  • Is The Website Finished?                            No. The Website Is Evolving
  • Contact:                                                    June: 972-251-0231
  • Support:                                                    Support The Program For It Supports All​

What We Do

This program is at its initial stage. It will evolve as life evolves. So, this evolution will be reflected in the Go Fund me Site as well as here, in this website.
As we are in its initial campaign, we need support so we can support all.. To know more abour June Roca,, go to her website at,

Please Go To The Go Fund Me Site:


Bridging Heaven on Earth