Bridging A Haven on Earth
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Our Mission Statement

We are expanding the meaning we give words and using that as a bridge, path or way to create a haven on earth where we have expanded expression - without the need to cope to survive, where each individual is driven by self-interest leading to competition - within a limited definition of words, one speak and write. - therefore act out.

Our self-expression is suppressed.

To this effect, we are redesigning Education through redesigning/redefining words,in all areas of our lives: - food preparation, music, arts, dance, law, fashion etc. so we can express ourselves to our utmost potential

Welcome to LIFE.

Earth Communes

A pilot
project of Bridging a Haven on Earth 2030

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'Coping to survive' is not what life is about.  We are all here to express ourselves in creative ways as we are a part of this one life therefore, equal to the whole - that is life.'
Program Initiator
June Roca
Public Speaker, Published Author, Self-created Artist, Educator & Health Coach
Bridging A Haven On Earth

Where We Embrace All Life